DIY Picture Hanger

I made my Grandmother two picture hanging signs for her grand kids and great grand kids. The one for the grand kids, I got a wooden sign , painted it, and added the white letters, and glued the clothes pins to it. The great grand kids sign, I printed out words in a font that… Continue reading DIY Picture Hanger


Easter Goodies

It's that time of year again!  April snuck up on us. Each year for  Easter we would all go to my grandmothers house and have a big lunch and then the kids would hunt for eggs.  I get to hide the eggs these days,  which is pretty fun.  Over the past few years I've made… Continue reading Easter Goodies


DIY Tall Planter

I love planting flowers, and with all my Day Lilly's blooming so big lately, I wanted something tall that you could see behind them. So I searched for options. Buying one that big was really expensive, so I decided to make my own. I used this pin I found on Pinterest as a guild, but I… Continue reading DIY Tall Planter


A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady

 A few years ago I was toying with fabrics and quilting. I made a few things as practice and then decided I wanted a cover for my sewing machine. I got a charm pack and measured my machine. Its a Brother. Nothing special but She is special to me. She works hard, sometimes fusses and doesn't… Continue reading A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady