Kitchen island

I was standing in my kitchen one day and realized I had enough room for a small kitchen island. So why not build one! I decided on a 36Hx36Lx24W. We put stools as a make shift island to see if we would be ok with that size first. And it worked out nicely. I searched… Continue reading Kitchen island


Foyer Makeover

I took some time off from work to get some things done around the house which was good because it took forever for some of them. If you've read my previous post about my Hallway Refresh then you know how long I took to find the perfect paint color and flooring. Well I wanted to… Continue reading Foyer Makeover


Corner Shelf Using a Bi-fold Door

I have been needing more storage in my water closet in the master bathroom and I found a bi-fold door on clearance at Lowe's and decided to make a corner shelf out of it. I had planned on building one from scratch anyways but then I got this great idea that a bi-fold door would… Continue reading Corner Shelf Using a Bi-fold Door


Hallway Refresh

I took a break from sewing to work on fixing up the house. We bought this house almost 7 years ago as a foreclosure and have slowly been making it our home. The downstairs hallway has been neglected for some time now. It doesn't get used much. It goes to the garage (that we don't… Continue reading Hallway Refresh


Vanity Makeover… But Wait, There’s More!

I got this very basic vanity a few months after we bought this house. And when I say basic, I mean BASIC! It is so basic that I got tired of looking at it within 5 years. So I decided to try my hand at painting it. This wasn't my first time painting furniture by… Continue reading Vanity Makeover… But Wait, There’s More!


Guest Bedroom Face Lift

I've had this bedroom furniture sitting in my basement, wrapped for protection, for about 6 years now. And when family hundreds of miles away started talking about visiting soon, I knew I had to get my guest hosting duties in gear. I didn't want them to sleep on the couch or the floor! I spent… Continue reading Guest Bedroom Face Lift