Batman to the Rescue!

Again, I know its a few months late but better late than never right? I made my sister in law a make-up brush clutch for Christmas. She loved Batman and who can blame her? Must be why we get along so well! Lol. I found the fabrics at Joann's and found a few different tutorials… Continue reading Batman to the Rescue!


A Quilt for Grandma

I finally¬† gave my grandmother what she has been asking for! I made her a quilt for Christmas. It was the biggest one I've made so far and It turned out great. I think I used two Jelly rolls from Joann's. Its been so long I don't remember much. I really need to get better… Continue reading A Quilt for Grandma


DIY Picture Hanger

I made my Grandmother two picture hanging signs for her grand kids and great grand kids. The one for the grand kids, I got a wooden sign , painted it, and added the white letters, and glued the clothes pins to it. The great grand kids sign, I printed out words in a font that… Continue reading DIY Picture Hanger