Something Old Into Something New

When my mother in-law's mother had passed away I offered to make her a quilt out of her mother's favorite gowns. Seemed reasonable since everyone was doing it with men's flannel shirts. This quilt is special in many ways. It's my first quilt on my new sewing machine I got for Valentines Day. It's the… Continue reading Something Old Into Something New


Guest Bedroom Part Two

If you've read my first Guest Bedroom Face Lift post, then you know that I finished painting the pieces of furniture. I let them sit for a few days and worked on cleaning out the room they were going in. We painted the room a color called Zen several years ago when we bought the… Continue reading Guest Bedroom Part Two


Vanity Makeover… But Wait, There’s More!

I got this very basic vanity a few months after we bought this house. And when I say basic, I mean BASIC! It is so basic that I got tired of looking at it within 5 years. So I decided to try my hand at painting it. This wasn't my first time painting furniture by… Continue reading Vanity Makeover… But Wait, There’s More!


Guest Bedroom Face Lift

I've had this bedroom furniture sitting in my basement, wrapped for protection, for about 6 years now. And when family hundreds of miles away started talking about visiting soon, I knew I had to get my guest hosting duties in gear. I didn't want them to sleep on the couch or the floor! I spent… Continue reading Guest Bedroom Face Lift


A Quilt for Grandma

I finally  gave my grandmother what she has been asking for! I made her a quilt for Christmas. It was the biggest one I've made so far and It turned out great. I think I used two Jelly rolls from Joann's. Its been so long I don't remember much. I really need to get better… Continue reading A Quilt for Grandma


Christmas Table runner

I know its a few months late but I made this Christmas table runner on a whim for some more decorations. I ordered the Christmas themed fabric on Etsy and followed the same process as I did in The Only Runner In The House post. I didn't put any batting inside since its just a simple decoration… Continue reading Christmas Table runner