Happy July 4th! 

I know I'm a day late but I painted these items for my July 4th porch decor!  Wasn't too hard.  Used star stickers,  painted blue over them and peeled them off.  Real easy project! I used worn, darker colors.  Liked the look better.  


Armed Forces Day 

It's been a while since I've posted anything. But today seems like a great day to post my most recent project!  It is national Armed Forces day!!  I made this garden flag for my mom for mothers day and I made myself one as well.  It holds near and dear to our hearts.  I found… Continue reading Armed Forces Day 


Table refinish

About a month ago I painted my dinning room table. I finished painting it in about a week. It turns out that I do not like upholstering things. lol. I would create things to do instead of reupholstering my dinning room chairs. It literally took a month for me to upholster 6 chair cushions. But… Continue reading Table refinish


DIY Picture Hanger

I made my Grandmother two picture hanging signs for her grand kids and great grand kids. The one for the grand kids, I got a wooden sign , painted it, and added the white letters, and glued the clothes pins to it. The great grand kids sign, I printed out words in a font that… Continue reading DIY Picture Hanger


DIY Tall Planter

I love planting flowers, and with all my Day Lilly's blooming so big lately, I wanted something tall that you could see behind them. So I searched for options. Buying one that big was really expensive, so I decided to make my own. I used this pin I found on Pinterest as a guild, but I… Continue reading DIY Tall Planter


DIY Potting Bench

I enjoy planting flowers and changing the colors and type each season. I got tired of doing it on the ground or on this tiny outdoor table that I sometimes used. So I looked around at building one and came across a few options for buying a wooden potting bench. Well the prices were not… Continue reading DIY Potting Bench


A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady

 A few years ago I was toying with fabrics and quilting. I made a few things as practice and then decided I wanted a cover for my sewing machine. I got a charm pack and measured my machine. Its a Brother. Nothing special but She is special to me. She works hard, sometimes fusses and doesn't… Continue reading A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady