Lily’s Blue Box

I put this flower bed out a few years ago and just recently decided to paint it. I wanted a color pretty close to the shutters of my house. I got a solid stain from Lowe's, took apart the flower bed and painted it. It turned out really well and is still holding up almost… Continue reading Lily’s Blue Box


Hard As Nails

A few months ago me and my best friend set out to make our first nail and string art. It went pretty well. We used some ply wood squares from Lowe's. I used my left over dinning room paint and poured some Martha Stewart Pearl paint in a color that I cant remember. I poured… Continue reading Hard As Nails



Every Spring I try to change the color of my flower pots to give my yard a change of color. I sometimes try to match that color with flowers, if possible. Here is some of the pots and colors that I've done over the last couple of years. I use spray paint in whatever color… Continue reading Polka-Dot-Pots


Little Pantry, Lot of Food

A while back I decided that  I  we needed more space in our pantry. It was a decent sized pantry but not up to its full potential. We had a ton of wire shelves in the garage that was given to us from an old office building. I took everything out, took down the 3… Continue reading Little Pantry, Lot of Food


The Only Runner In The House

I wanted to make something that would stand out and be new and pretty with the table revamp. So I searched and searched and came across a quilted zigzag table runner by The Missouri Star Quilt Company. I loved it! It was so unique. So I went to Joann's the other day and picked out… Continue reading The Only Runner In The House


One night stand

My mother in law gave us a lot of her childhood furniture, including this night stand. It wasn't really my taste so I decided to revamp it and put it to good use instead of collecting cobwebs in the basement.  I was looking for a stand for my new fish tank and this fit the… Continue reading One night stand


A quilt for Virgina

It was three days until the trip I was making to visit my brother and sister-in-law and see their new house. I couldn't think of a good house-warming present until I decided to make a quilt! So I rushed to JoAnn's fabrics and got some pre-cut square packs of the same patterns but different colors.… Continue reading A quilt for Virgina