Something Old Into Something New

When my mother in-law's mother had passed away I offered to make her a quilt out of her mother's favorite gowns. Seemed reasonable since everyone was doing it with men's flannel shirts. This quilt is special in many ways. It's my first quilt on my new sewing machine I got for Valentines Day. It's the… Continue reading Something Old Into Something New


A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady

 A few years ago I was toying with fabrics and quilting. I made a few things as practice and then decided I wanted a cover for my sewing machine. I got a charm pack and measured my machine. Its a Brother. Nothing special but She is special to me. She works hard, sometimes fusses and doesn't… Continue reading A Special Quilt, for a Special Lady


The Only Runner In The House

I wanted to make something that would stand out and be new and pretty with the table revamp. So I searched and searched and came across a quilted zigzag table runner by The Missouri Star Quilt Company. I loved it! It was so unique. So I went to Joann's the other day and picked out… Continue reading The Only Runner In The House