Kitchen island

I was standing in my kitchen one day and realized I had enough room for a small kitchen island. So why not build one! I decided on a 36Hx36Lx24W. We put stools as a make shift island to see if we would be ok with that size first. And it worked out nicely. I searched for plans online for weeks before deciding on making my own. And then I got distracted with holidays and put it off, until I got a kreg jig R3 for Christmas and figured I would test it out! So I went and got my supplies and double checked my plan measurements and started cutting.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on it so I opted on 2x2s for the legs. $2 for 8ft verses $10 for 28in and I wasn’t going to need the screw attached. So this worked out. I cut the legs to 33 1/4, the aprons are 21 and 31 3/4. I sanded them down and drilled all my pocket holes.

This board is cut to 34×24, I cut the corners out for the legs. I put pocket holes in these as well. But ended up not being able to use them for the bottom shelf. The aprons covered them. But I put plenty in the apron to attach to the shelf.

As you can see in my original plans, I was going to cut a curve in the bottom apron pieces. Well that was a pain in the butt and I was running out of time for this project so I decided not to do the curve.

Plus it looked terrible lol.

I primed everything and let it sit over night.

And then I painted two coats with the same color as my Corner Shelf, some oops paint I found at Lowe’s.

I was originally going to paint the top board, it’s an edged glued board from Lowe’s. I was undecided in rather I should paint it or stain it. I looked on Pinterest at other small islands and I really liked the look of the plain wood piece on a painted island. So I decided to leave it plain and put three coats of polycrylic on it, sanding it lightly in between coats. It needed to be really protected since it would be used the most. I did two coats on the shelves with a light sanding in between each one. I sanded the top board down just a little on top first and sanded the corners down a good bit so they weren’t so pointy lol.

This was such a big deal that I had to capture it. It’s my first kreg jig project and it worked out so well! I was so happy. I put the legs and the top aprons together first. And then the bottom aprons. Honestly afraid that the shelves are too heavy for those tiny legs. But fingers crossed lol. They actually fit really snuggly. I had to beat them into place. So they should stay pretty well.

Clamps are your best friend if you’re working solo. Clamp every thing! I’m screwing on the bottom aprons in this picture.

I took it up stairs in pieces because the shelves are heavy alone so I didn’t want to deal with it as a whole. The frame was put together and then the three shelves separately. As I said earlier, I had to pound the bottom shelf in place and worked really hard to center the middle one. Didn’t really stop for pictures of that. I was waiting on the third coat of poly on the top to really get dry so I did it absolutely last. I put wheels on it just incase. They are included in the 36 inch height. Tabby is supervising, as usual.

We put the top on the floor and measured each side to be sure it was centered and then I screwed it in place while my hubby held it down. And then we flipped it over. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 it looks massive! But there’s still plenty of room to get around it. Please excuse the mess! Lol.


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