Cat in the hat quilt

My brother and sister in law have been collecting Dr. Suess books for their new baby’s library collection. I found this cat in the hat jelly roll at Joann’s and have yet to found another. I knew it would make a great Christmas gift! I started working on it in September, needed an early start with all the Christmas gifts I had to make.

The jelly roll strips were not cut very well, I had to trim them all to an even 2.5. After I got them all sewn together I had to trim every block to a 6.5 square. And after I cut them I noticed that I had sewn one section with the blue fabric on the outside instead of in the middle, so I had to re-work the pattern around it, that’s what I get for sewing when I’m sleepy.

This is everything I had to cut off.

You can see the fabric on the sides that needs to be trimmed off. I was using weights to hold the ruler in place. It still moved 🙄 so I still had to hold it but not as firmly and I could release my hand without it moving.

This is the layout I decided on. I sewn it all together after moving some things around.

I put a border in it and trimmed it up.

I decided to give 505 temporary adhesive spray a try. I’ve heard good things about it. Turns out I didn’t quite follow directions and I sprayed it directly on the back fabric instead of only the batting so we will see how that turns out. (Turned our fine.)

I decided to stitch a line on both sides of each row instead of “stitch in the ditch”. Now I just need to bind it. The 505 has held up pretty well. I think I may have over sprayed it but I’ll get the hang of it.

I cut my binding and stitched it all together. Im not used to doing a solid color binding so there were mistakes made and stitches ripped out. More than I’m proud to admit… the ending stitch was the hardest. I’m not sure why. I had to rip it out several times, I even had to take a break and come back later because I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. It wouldn’t lay right after I stitched it. So I watched a tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company several times and finally got it right. Binding has never been an issue so I’m not sure what was going on lol. I also noticed that I put the binding on backwards. I did it how she does in the video but I like to fold it around to the back not the front. I was having an off day I guess. It still turned out nice though.

Here’s the finished quilt.


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