Carpenter Star Quilt

This year I decided I would get a very early start on my Christmas gifts, so I started in October. This one was started in November. I made it for my mom. I spent a lot of time searching for patterns and designs and decided on this one. I got the pattern from Craftsy. Like I do with most things, I altered it to my liking. I wanted it to be closer to a 60×60. The pattern would make a 53×53.

Here is my version of their pattern.

First, I got my fabric from Joann’s. The pattern called for a fat quarter bundled which typically consists of 20 different fabrics. At Joann’s a fat quarter bundle is only 5 different fabrics, I got four bundles, two of each fabric design. I also got two jelly rolls of matching fabric for the piano keys, the pattern has them cut at 3 1/8, but I try to avoid cutting at all cost lol. So since I didn’t need to cut the piano keys out of the fat quarter bundle, I only used two of the four bundles.

I cut everything out just like the directions in the pattern suggest while skipping the part for cutting the keys. I went through the trouble of labeling everything A-P but since I had duplicate fabrics it didn’t really work out in my favor.

I had to rearrange a lot of them to get it looking better and not have things next to each other.

Here it is after I was satisfied with how I rearranged things. And added the rest of the white background fabric. And put the sashing around it.

I sewed the half square triangles (HST) together in each row, then sewed the squares in each row together. Then the rows together so on and so on.

I sewed the HST’s together in a chain to make things go faster.

I’m actually impressed with how well the seams lined up. It’s my first HST quilt, very different from my usual quilts. This one wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be either.

As you can see it shrinks in size after getting sewn together. I sewed each row together after sewing each square together.

I added a white border to make it a bigger quilt. It’s a 4.5 strip, width of fabric wouldn’t go edge to edge so I put the sewn line in the middle.

I sewed the sashing on to the white border.

I laid my jelly roll fabric in the pattern I liked and took out the one I used for binding and the one that was used as the sashing.

I cut them all up and laid them out. As you can see in the top right corner they didn’t fit right. At this point I wished I hadn’t altered the piano key size. I had to do a lot of altering to make them fit right.

I sewed all the keys together and sewed the cornerstones on.

Here is the top all finished. I decided to send this one off to a local shop (Quiltz in Bremen,GA) to put a flower stitching on it and quilt it all together.

Here it is quilted together with the flower stitching.

Putting the binding on.

Love when the binding works right.

All finished! It turned out so great!!

You can see the flower pattern really well on the back.

This is when I gave it to her. And that is my dad stealing it and claiming it as his. Lol!


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