Sidelight Curtains

Years ago we bought some curtains just for a quick fix for our sidelight windows at the front door. And then life happened and we never got back around to them. My cats enjoy looking out those windows so anything that had to be held down at the bottom was not going to work. I finally decided to just make something. I knew that if I bought that much fabric it would cost more than I wanted to spend. My cats will likely snag these within the week. I measured the window opening and decided on a 10×75 curtain. Most curtains come about 40×84. Which was great for what I wanted. I also wanted to help block out some light and afternoon heat so I figured if I cut the curtain in half and folded it in half again it would make it pretty thick. I decided now was the time to do it since I just gave the foyer a whole makeover. Here is the foyer after I painted most of it but before anything else.

I found this curtain panel at Walmart for $5! I measured it to be sure I cut it exactly in half and then I measured the length to cut 9 inches off the bottom.

I folded over each edge that I cut and sewed it together.

I was in a big hurry so I didn’t take many pictures of the process.

After I had all the raw edges sewn together I folded it in half and sewed each edge together. I made sure to lift my needle and skip about an inch for the rod to go through the top. I ironed it really well and hung it up! It looks so much better now that the curtains actually fit the window and they won’t be flapping all over the place. I considered putting some type of weight in the bottom of them but that was after I’d already sewn it all together, so I decided against it.

Here’s the completed project. Be sure to check out how I gave the foyer a full makeover Here.

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