Foyer Makeover

I took some time off from work to get some things done around the house which was good because it took forever for some of them. If you’ve read my previous post about my Hallway Refresh then you know how long I took to find the perfect paint color and flooring. Well I wanted to paint the living room and foyer with the same color. Mostly because all the walls are connected and there’s no real stopping point for a color change. But it looks good so it works and it helps it flow better. I decided to put the same flooring down in the foyer for a few reasons.

1. The floor was worn out.

2. One of three cats knocked a bottle of finger nail polish off the ledge and it busted.

3. To match the hallway downstairs.

Now I know what you’re thinking. But it’s hardwood floors! Yeah well I’m not one of those hardwood floor type people. We sanded it and stained it black along with the stair rails when we moved in but the cat plays fetch and scratched it up real bad and the finger nail polish which happened while I was at work and it was a lost cause by the time I found it. I still have to try to cover it up on the stair post some how. You won’t be disappointed once you see how great it turned out!

The entire door/sidelight item was installed by the bank when it was put on the market and it was never really caulked or painted. I’ve painted the windows before but not like this. I took the time to caulk everything and paint it up real nice. The door had never been painted and it took 3 coats before I decided it was good enough.

We are slowly getting our foreclosed home how we like it. It has only been 6 years after all! Lol. Don’t judge. It takes time and a lot of money. Both of which I do not have. Slowly is better than never. 

Here is a before picture. Look at that pink polish. The scratches are by the post. She likes her ball thrown all the way down stairs and she runs after it. Taking the corner tight.

Making sure I like the lay out. I just love the peel and stick stuff.

Tabby is checking it out. Almost done. She’s the fetch player.

Now Callie is checking it out. The floor is laid. Quarter round next.

Looks so nice and inviting now. Actually looks like adults live here. Lol.

Here it is with the Sidelight Curtains I made from one $5 Walmart curtain and the rug I bought.

Thanks for stopping by!


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