Sunglasses pouch

I found an easy tutorial Here on how to make a sunglasses pouch. I was waiting on feedback for a current project from my bff and decided to make something fun and easy.

It was not as fun as it sounds. It was easyish but more nerve racking than anything. Her “15 minute” project took me 30. But that includes cutting and ironing. I’m waiting on basting spray to come in so I didn’t have that advantage going for me. But I followed her instructions and cut two 7.5 squares of fabric, and a 6.5 square of batting.

I had some left over fabric from other projects and just used those. I then placed them right sides together, put the batting on top, fold it in half and I used a cup to draw a curve and cut it. That was the hardest part. It didn’t cut very round like it should have. Then I sewed around the edges but left an opening to flip it. The curve ended up a little wonky but it’s my first so it can’t be perfect. I do recommend cutting one side at a time. I think that’s where I messed up. The batting made the fabric lay weird so it cut weird.

After flipping it right side out, I ironed it flat and sewed all the way around. Which I wish I hadn’t done. I should have just sewed the top and bottom parts. Because I wanted to do a zig zag stitch around the finished edges but because I already sewn around it it would have looked weird. So I just used a straight stitch. Of course don’t sew the curve part closed, but do the side and bottom. Iron again and there you have it! A finished sunglasses pouch.


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