Halloween decor

October is just around the corner so I made a few items for myself and a friend. The octagon table piece ended up bigger than expected but I will find something to do with it. I got all my fabric at Joann’s. I found a tutorial online for the octagon center piece Here and it was very easy to follow. The table runner was inspired by a picture I found on google, I had to wing that one. This is the tutorial I used for the Placemats. It is technically for a table runner but I altered it.

I cut a lot (A LOT!) of 3 inch orange squares from five different orange fabricS. Joanns didn’t have very much orange cotton fabric to choose from. Actually I think that’s all the orange fabric they had. I got 1/4 yards of each one, except one of them I got 1 1/4 yard to also use as the back fabric. I had to take visual notes so I could remember how much to ask for for each one. I was originally going to use It to also back the octagon which is why I got so much but I found something different that I had.

After cutting what felt like 1000 3×3 squares, I arranged them in the pumpkin shape. For each pumpkin, you’ll also need four 2.5 inch black squares for the corners of the pumpkin. Which you will end up doing a half square triangle with. The tutorial link I provided will go into details for that if you need it.

I sewed it all together and added 1.5 inch black border to the top and bottom and 2.5 inch to the sides. Then I added 2.5 inch green borders to the sides.

And then I added a middle and back and sewed them right sides together, leaving an opening to flip it right side out. After doing that I sewed around the edges in matching thread.

For the bat table runner I laid out the squares, still using the 3 inch ones, sewed the rows together and added a 1.5 inch border of black. Backed it with the same orange fabric. The bats are foam Halloween decorations I got at hobby lobby that I used fabric multi purpose spray glue and attached them that way.

Here’s the octagon piece I made for myself. I got 3/8 yard of each fabric. I sewed them together and cut them at a 60 degree angle. I sewed the triangles together, but got lazy and didn’t iron open each seam, which I don’t recommend. It is puffy and not real flat I assume because I didn’t iron each seam afterwards. But it’s just a Halloween decoration. I pieced it together the same way, right sides together, and sewed the edges. Flipped it out and sewed orange lines through it thinking it would resemble a spider web. Not so sure about that. I backed it with something I found in a bag of fabric a friend from work had given me.

Thanks for stopping by!!


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