Hallway Refresh

I took a break from sewing to work on fixing up the house. We bought this house almost 7 years ago as a foreclosure and have slowly been making it our home. The downstairs hallway has been neglected for some time now. It doesn’t get used much. It goes to the garage (that we don’t park in), the laundry room, and the unfinished basement that’s full of storage.

When we bought the house, we had no idea how to decorate or choose paint colors. We just picked colors that we liked. I let my husband pick out the living room color. Which was also the foyer and downstairs hallway color. It was too odd to paint them differently because the walls were all connected as one. No stopping points. It was Twig basket by Behr in a flat finish (which is a no no for walls that get touched, ever). It looked brown in some light and a poop green in another light. Lol. Here’s the foyer with that color.

We have black furniture every where. Black stair rails and a black foyer floor. So I finally decided it was time to change it to a more contemporary color that matched the space better. So I spent about a week getting every gray color chip I could find and finally found the perfect one. It is called Light French Gray (SW0055) by Sherwin Williams. I put it in Olympic One satin finish paint. I was contemplating on priming the walls or not. I didn’t want to because it’s a lot of walls and a 15 foot ceiling in the living room. But to my surprise, I only did one good coat in the hallway, and it turned out great! Here’s a before picture. Look how dark it seems! I also found out one of the bulbs were out so I replaced it for the reveal photos. 

Here’s a picture of the two colors.

The floor was builder grade, about 18 years old, and needed to go. But they glued it to the concrete! I researched for months on the best and most cost efficient way to do it. A sheet vinyl would be way too wasteful since it would have to be 12×17. It’s a 4×17 area. That seemed crazy. I didn’t want to paint the floor because I have three cats and don’t like locking them up if I don’t have too (I didn’t for this project). I looked into peel and stick floor tiles. They are decently priced and have good styles, I only spent about $80 on this floor. I read everything I could about doing it. I ended up getting one that you grout but read reviews saying they didn’t grout and it looked fine. I was sold! I took off the quarter round and cleaned the floor twice and vacuumed during the process of laying the floor. It was pretty easy. Cuts easy with a sharp box cutter. Took way longer than I thought. But it looks great! Working around door jams was a challenge for sure. I plan on putting the same floor in the foyer if I have enough and/or they still sell it at Lowe’s because I’ve had it for about 6 months or so. Only because one of the cats knocked a bottle of hot pink finger nail polish off at the dinning room and it busted all over the black hardwood floor. You can see that in the first picture of the post. Plus the floors will match so it’ll be better anyways. Here is the painted hallway and mostly finished floor. The light wasn’t working at this point. 

I was able to re use the quarter round. I was careful when taking it off and it wasn’t in bad shape. I did however have to prep it before putting it back on. Which meant taking the nails out of it and scrapping off the paint that peeled off the trim and stuck to it.

I feel like I vacuumed this floor 25 times in these two days. I use a bare floor vacuum that has no brush roller. It is more effective with three cats than a broom is. After I finally got the quarter round nailed on, I started painting it. I mostly just did touch ups and focused on the quarter round.

Paint will come off this floor easily! I ran out of tape and was close to finishing so I used a piece of paper to cover the floor. Things still got messy. I used a Clorox wipe and it came off easily. This took way longer than I expected but it is finally finished!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I need more picture frames to complete my gallery but it’s fine for now. This gray turned out perfect and I can’t wait to paint the living room and foyer with it! I love how some paint and a floor redo can change the look of an area completely!


Thanks for reading!!


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