Blanket For My Dawg

I’ve always joked that my middle cat is my dog because she plays fetch. So when I found this jelly roll I just had to have it so I could make her a blanket to lay on. I also used this opportunity to try out different stitches, techniques, and tools on these blankets. One jelly roll made four blankets. I only had to cut binding for two of them. But that’s because I took out four strips that I didn’t like the pattern of.

I laid the strips on patterns I liked and sewed three strips together. I cut them into squares of a size I liked and laid them out into a pattern I liked.

I sewed the squares together and then the rows of squares to make it one whole piece. I didn’t see the need for batting since it’s a cat blanket. But you can use it if you like. I cut the backing to be a little larger than the front to help with movement, and then I trimmed it all straight after I was finished experimenting with stitches.

I stitched in the ditch with white thread and then went back with blue and did different designs. I even tried my hand at free motion quilting (FMQ). It was a workout for sure. I’ve also never used the walking foot and it made it a thousand times easier! My machine also came with a quilt guide that I tried out. It helped get lines at the same distance apart. Very helpful. Here’s the FMQ disaster. Lol. Need a lot more practice. I also tried a zig zag stitch on the binding. Also a disaster lol. 

Here’s one that’s simple but I used the guide to get even lines.

Here’s another simple one but with a different stitch lay out. Should have used a more noticeable thread color so it would stand out more. I basically just sewed the opposite of the pattern onto the square. So vertical strips got horizontal thread. And vice versa.

This one was tricky but I like the design of it. And that it could be done. So with this one, it was getting late and I was trying really hard to finish today. I thought I put the binding on backwards halfway into it, but my best friend pointed out that it was right and I realized the rest were wrong. Been doing it backwards for a few projects. But now I know. And again, I wish I’d used a different color thread so the design would show.

Here she is giving it a sniff.

And here she is on her favorite bed. Happy International Cat Day!!


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