Something Old Into Something New

When my mother in-law’s mother had passed away I offered to make her a quilt out of her mother’s favorite gowns. Seemed reasonable since everyone was doing it with men’s flannel shirts.

This quilt is special in many ways. It’s my first quilt on my new sewing machine I got for Valentines Day. It’s the first quilt that I haven’t used pre cuts for. And let me tell you, I can’t cut a straight line with a guide, so this took patience. This was also the first project I got to use my new wall hanging pattern board I got on amazon. I actually binded this quilt how it should be done. I usually just fold the backing over but it was too bulky. And last but not least, it was the first time using these types of fabrics. Oh! And use the new iron I bought! Lol. Might as well be my first quilt! Ha!

I didn’t expect to get as much fabric pieces out of them as I did. I originally wanted 5 inch squares but didn’t have a 5.5 inch square cutter guide. I had a 4.5 and a 6.5. I’m kinda glad I went with the 6.5, it turned out nice.

After I cut all the squares I could get out of the clothes, I started placing them on my wall board in a desirable pattern. I have never been able to make a quilt we’re there wasn’t a specific layout. I just can’t lay things in no particular order like some traditional quilts. There has to be order.

For whatever reason, those two squares refused to stick. I think it’s due to the worn cotton fabric. After I took a picture for back up, just in case, I took them down in order row by row, and labeled them, A, B, C… ect. So I’d know where they went on the layout. I also put the label pointing towards the top left corner.

Then I sewed the pieces of each row together. Then each row together. The pink fabric was the problem fabric. I had not realized until too late that it was a stretchy fabric and it made things difficult from the get go. But I trucked on. I had a lot of things going on so this quilt took a lot longer than usual to finish.

He is making sure the fabrics are matched up purfectly. Such a great helper. 🙄

Ready to be pinned together! I had to put it in the floor because I didn’t have any large flat surfaces.

She is making sure it’s up to code for coziness. I had to keep getting her to get off so I guess it passed.

Originally I was going to fold the backing over and use it as the edges like I have in the past few quilts. But I didn’t like it so I tried my hand at binding it the right way. It went better than expected. I cut 2.5 inch strips out of a light pink fabric I found and sewed them all together and pinned them to the quilt. This is after I sewed it on the front. And it was ready to be sewn to the back. I did machine binding. I don’t have the time to hand sew.

Here it is all binded up and finished! And hanging to dry.

And here it is finished. It’s not the best quilt but it’s only my third and this one was a challenge. So it’s not too bad.


I also made these little note cards with washing instructions. Ok, my husband made them but I designed them, lol. We just used word to do a template and printed them out on index cards.


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