Guest Bedroom Part Two

If you’ve read my first Guest Bedroom Face Lift post, then you know that I finished painting the pieces of furniture. I let them sit for a few days and worked on cleaning out the room they were going in. We painted the room a color called Zen several years ago when we bought the house. When I brought the bed upstairs the colors were so similar that I knew it wouldn’t work. After all the work I put into painting the bed and picking out the perfect color for it, I couldn’t have it blending in with the wall.

I decided to paint it a nice cream color. And I literally painted it a color called Nice Cream. Ha!

I bought new cordless blinds to replace the old ones (my cats took a toll on them). I’m still working on pictures to decorate the room with. I decided to go with a duvet cover set, which I’ve never tried before, but I figured it would be easier to wash. I found this one at target.

Picking out drawer pulls was difficult. I ended up going with some that were 3 inch center to center(ctc) even though the original pulls were 3 1/2 ctc. I had to drill new holes for each one. But the pulls covered the old hole so I didn’t bother filling it. They are flat black pulls I got from Lowes.


We got the rug at IKEA several years ago. I wasn’t sure what else to do with it so I put it in the room. Here is the current state of the guest room. Still working on decor. Still happy with the out come. I’m also spray painting a black curtain rod that I had laying around and making it white. I’m currently on the look out for a good nightstand or small side table that I can refurbish. From goodwill or roadside.

The girls seem to approve.


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