Vanity Makeover… But Wait, There’s More!

I got this very basic vanity a few months after we bought this house. And when I say basic, I mean BASIC! It is so basic that I got tired of looking at it within 5 years. So I decided to try my hand at painting it. This wasn’t my first time painting furniture by no means, but for some reason I was very naive. What I mean by that is that I didn’t prime the vanity before hand. Which was a big mistake that I am still paying for. During that same week, I also repainted the walls of that bathroom, the hallway, and the frame around the mirror that I put up using molding a few years ago. It was a busy week. I also painted my shutters on the house, the front door, and the front porch light fixtures! Whew.

It has been a few months since I painted it, its holding up well… as long as you don’t touch it lol.  I have average sized nails, which are just barely hanging over the nail-bed, not very long. but if I open the vanity door, and my nail barely touches the paint, it scratches off. Very upsetting. You live and you learn though right? It still looks good.

I also added some bead board to the doors to help them not look so plain and boring. That helped a lot and looks great. I bought a 4×4 piece from Lowe’s and cut it to the size I needed, glued it on, let it sit over night with heavy paint cans on top of it and painted it the next day. The color is Mark Twain by Valspar. What a difference some paint and bead board can make! I am aware that I need to put down new trim, the old vanity was much to big for that bathroom. Priorities though right? lol.

Here is a before and after of the shutter and door paint. I did not paint the body of the house, I know it looks different, but the sun and time of year is different in these two pictures. The door color is Parakeet Pete by Olympic, and the shutters are Pewter also by Olympic. Paint can make a huge difference.


Here is our home covered in 11 inches of snow in December 2017! The most We’ve gotten here in a long time.


Here is the light fixtures I painted. They needed it really bad. I used black gloss Rustoleum paint.


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