Guest Bedroom Face Lift

I’ve had this bedroom furniture sitting in my basement, wrapped for protection, for about 6 years now. And when family hundreds of miles away started talking about visiting soon, I knew I had to get my guest hosting duties in gear. I didn’t want them to sleep on the couch or the floor!


I spent weeks deciding on the perfect color for this job and I am very satisfied with how it turned out! The color is Blue By You in Olympic One satin paint. I used Zinsser Cover Stain primer. I cleaned it with TSP and water, sanded some areas, and cleaned it again.


The drawer pulls are 3 1/2 inches center-to-center and those are rare in the style I was looking for. So I found some that I loved for this bedroom suit, I wanted them to be classy and simple. They were 3 inches center-to-center, so I had to drill a new hole for each one.

There were some chips on the laminate dresser top, I puttied it and sanded it. The set wasn’t in the best condition. But it wasn’t anything some wood glue, wood putty, and paint couldn’t fix. I have been searching for the perfect bedding set to complete this refinished piece. I also need to get a mattress set. I still have a few things to do before I have the guest room ready for company. I’ll update again when everything is set up.



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