Super Hero Art

String art has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. I have tried my hand at it, in Hard As Nails, but that was nothing compared to this! My sister in laws birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special. Her and my brother both love comics and have a bonus room mostly decorated in comics and Star Wars paraphernalia. Originally I was just going to make her a large Batman string art picture. But while browsing Pinterest I saw a few smaller versions with other superheros. I did some digging and found out their favorite superheros, and made those.

I had some extra ply wood laying around, I cut it to 12×12 pieces, sanded them down real smooth and painted them with some acrylic paint I found at Hobby Lobby. I printed off the most basic template of the superhero logos and used Block Posters to make sure they were all the same size. I used pliers to hold the nails in place as I hammered them all down, nail by nail. It was a time consuming process. I used 1 inch black panel board nails, and thin crocheting yarn from Hobby Lobby.


It took just as long to string the patterns as it did to nail them out. I used a hollowed out pen to hold the string and help it go around the nail heads. I wanted them to be as full as I could get them. But with only so much nail sticking out, that was not easy. The lesson I learned from this, and hope to pass on to you all, is that if you want to have your picture full of string, use a longer nail. so that more string can fit on it and not get to the point where it will no longer hold anymore string. They still turned out very nice though, if i may say so myself. And she loved them as well.



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