A Quilt for Grandma

I finally  gave my grandmother what she has been asking for! I made her a quilt for Christmas. It was the biggest one I’ve made so far and It turned out great. I think I used two Jelly rolls from Joann’s. Its been so long I don’t remember much. I really need to get better at posting on time.

I put the fabric strips into three piles of three coordinating patterns. The strips are 42 inches long and 2 inches wide. I sewed the three strips together and cut them into 6 inch squares. I laid them out in a way that I thought looked best, and got to sewing! I did each row from left to right and then sewed each row together. I used a typical white bed sheet I had laying around as the border. Worked well in a pinch!



The problem with this quilt was that I waited over a month to start it and I had 4 days to complete it from start to finish. I wish I would have taken more time on it and not rushed through it, but it still turned out very well for my second large quilt project.


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