Table refinish

About a month ago I painted my dinning room table. I finished painting it in about a week. It turns out that I do not like upholstering things. lol. I would create things to do instead of reupholstering my dinning room chairs. It literally took a month for me to upholster 6 chair cushions. But it is finally done!! This is the table with just 4 chairs and no leaf, it fits in the room better. I plan to make place mats that match the table runner, that I also made. I found the perfect golden pineapple at Hobby Lobby that matches a pattern on the table runner that has golden pineapples on it. Here is the finished project! So happy that its finally done and that it looks so awesome! Two of my three kitties had to be included in the picture taking. I also wanted to take a picture with the table and the (not so recently) stained stair rails. They were oak and white but we wanted black instead of oak. So with the help of my brother, we stained the rails black. We also sanded and stained the hardwood floor in the foyer. We have lived in this house for almost 6 years and it is slowly starting to look like our home. Please enjoy the slideshow below of the finished table. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is the previous post on the beginning stages of the table project.


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