DIY Potting Bench

I enjoy planting flowers and changing the colors and type each season. I got tired of doing it on the ground or on this tiny outdoor table that I sometimes used. So I looked around at building one and came across a few options for buying a wooden potting bench. Well the prices were not right and I wasn’t about to buy them. So I set out to build my own. I used the ones for sell as a guild line and decided what measurements I wanted, how tall was the work height going to be, and what kind of wood would I like. I went through a lot of options, and used counters at work as a determination on the height and width of the table top. I didn’t want something to high to work with, like kitchen counters. I am short after all. I wanted a good height that was more accommodating. I went with a 30 inch high front and counter top, and the back boards are 54 inches. Its about 3 feet long and 20 inches wide. I used 2x4s for all of it except the counter top and bottom shelf. Those are picket fences, my favorite outdoor wood to work with. Its so cheap and easy to use, and it holds up really well. I had the peg board cut to my measurements and then I primed and painted it all. It is two different colors. My friend Marissa came over and helped me build it. I also put casters on it to help move it from the garage to outside and back.






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