Lily’s Blue Box

I put this flower bed out a few years ago and just recently decided to paint it. I wanted a color pretty close to the shutters of my house. I got a solid stain from Lowe’s, took apart the flower bed and painted it. It turned out really well and is still holding up almost a year later. I used Lowe’s Min wax solid stain. I cant remember the color, sorry. Here is some before and after pictures. And some in progress pictures. 


Here it is, a faded, dull flower bed.



Put a coat of stain on some boards.


Here it is after its painted and new flowers planted. The Day Lilly’s stay in the back year round, but I like to change the front every season. This year I’m doing Petunias. 


Here is a before and after. 


Here is a really good before and after. The before picture has my faded black mulch in it before i put out all the red lava rock. It looks so much better and its a lot less maintenance. You can also see my shutter in the background. I think it matches pretty well. 


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