Hard As Nails

A few months ago me and my best friend set out to make our first nail and string art. It went pretty well. We used some ply wood squares from Lowe’s. I used my left over dinning room paint and poured some Martha Stewart Pearl paint in a color that I cant remember. I poured that over the dry blue paint and then used a brush to smear it out. I really like how that turned out. It has that pearl shine to it too. I chose arrows and a really cool yarn that was multiple colors. I used black nails to give it a better look.  I hung it on my dinning room wall and It looks great! Really happy with the out come of it. If I had more wall space, I would have more nail art in my house. As usual, here’s some pictures! Enjoy! 



Look at that awesome color pattern. Its like a coral and teal and white. 




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