Little Pantry, Lot of Food

A while back I decided that  I  we needed more space in our pantry. It was a decent sized pantry but not up to its full potential. We had a ton of wire shelves in the garage that was given to us from an old office building. I took everything out, took down the 3 shelves that the house originally was built with and I used the left over paint from the kitchen and painted the walls with it and painted the bi-fold doors with left over white trim paint. I bought new knobs that matched the knobs we recently used to replace the builder grade cabinet knobs in the kitchen. I cut all the shelves to the sizes that I needed and hung them up. I went to the dollar store and got, the only color they had enough of, orange tubs for organizing things, and went to other stores and got glass and plastic containers for more stuff to go in. We gained a lot more shelve space and floor space. Here is some pictures of before, during and after. 


Here’s the before and after with all the goodies in side.


The side view before and afters.


Here’s the door before and after I painted them and changed the knobs.


And here is the empty pantry after I finished it.


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