A quilt for Virgina

It was three days until the trip I was making to visit my brother and sister-in-law and see their new house. I couldn’t think of a good house-warming present until I decided to make a quilt! So I rushed to JoAnn’s fabrics and got some pre-cut square packs of the same patterns but different colors. It was the biggest quilt I’ve made so far and what a journey it was! I worked 9 hour days, came home and got straight to work for the next 3 days. I only had about 5-6 hours to work on it each night before I had to get to sleep and be up at 4:30am. To be such a rushed job, it turned out great (in my opinion anyway). It’s about 4×3 feet in size. It covered me and kept me pretty warm in Virginia! Lol. Here are a few pictures and some comments to go along with them.


Here is the picture after I had sewn all the squares together. I did 2 pieces at a time and then strips and then sewed the strips together. I ironed after each strip was done, to set my seams and lay the stitched sides down in the same direction.


I put a border around it.


I used safety pins to hold it all together while I sewed it all together. I ‘stitched in the ditch’ because I didn’t want to pull away from the patterns on the squares. I used a soft knit like backing that was blanket material. Everything is cotton also.


I rolled the back over and sewed it to the front. I used the machine for this part, I was in a hurry.

And there you have it! I have a lot of inquiries for other projects that I will be working on and posting once they are all finished!

Until next time!



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