A little magic goes a long way.

When we got married back in 2012, my Mother In law gave us their 6 chair dinning room set. It was in good condition, just not my color taste (sorry mom!). So I finally took the plunge and headed to Lowe’s! With a lot of questions, I got some good advice from the associates there. I tried to pick the best day weather-wise, but here in the south you never really know until that day comes. On the day that I primed everything with Zinsser Cover Stain, there was a 10% chance of rain. And wouldn’t you know it.. that’s the one time it actually rains. Luckily the chairs were dry enough to rush them into the garage. On day 2, I painted the legs and chairs with Valspar Ultra White, Simi-gloss, and the top Valspar Dark Kettle Black in Egg shell. Why egg shell? Because I am going to put 3 coats of polycrylic semi-gloss on top of it and I didn’t see it necessary to over do the shine. It was a very windy day to say the least. Waiting for paint to dry before you do a second coat is not fun. But does anyone really think that it is? Ha! So here are some pictures of the process. I’ll add some does and don’ts. Mostly just a bunch of don’ts. Haha. Learn from my mistakes!

I used the Wagner paint plus EZ Tilt paint sprayer to do the primer and the white. I used a foam cabinet roller for the black.

Here is the before pictures

That 70’s Fabric HAD to go lol. (Sorry again mom!)

I did learn the hard way that you should not skip the cleaning step. I wanted to hurry and get started and just used a wet wash cloth to wipe everything down really well. Turns out that is not the best way. Especially if you are painting with light colors. Now for whatever reason, the brown spots did not show up after I primed, but waited until the white paint had dried. So be sure you use the de-greaser to clean with, or you will get this:


It doesn’t look that bad here but some places got really dark. I painted over them but it just kept coming back.

Another setback was when I was using the paint sprayer to paint the top of the table, I used a small ladder so I could have some distance, and I guess the gun was too full or something and it dripped out of the gun onto the table. several times. So I had to sand it down more than I wanted to.


I even made a few friends while waiting for the paint to dry. Some very friendly bugs.


After I finished all the white, I cleaned my spray gun very well and got to work on the black table top. It was the part I was worried most about since it will be the focus of the table. It turned out pretty well. I only put 2 coats on it, but it covered it very well.

I will update you on how the polycrylic goes.

Here are some more pictures! Enjoy!!



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