Kitchen island

I was standing in my kitchen one day and realized I had enough room for a small kitchen island. So why not build one! I decided on a 36Hx36Lx24W. We put stools as a make shift island to see if we would be ok with that size first. And it worked out nicely. I searched… Continue reading Kitchen island


Carpenter Star Quilt

This year I decided I would get a very early start on my Christmas gifts, so I started in October. This one was started in November. I made it for my mom. I spent a lot of time searching for patterns and designs and decided on this one. I got the pattern from Craftsy. Like… Continue reading Carpenter Star Quilt


Cat in the hat quilt

My brother and sister in law have been collecting Dr. Suess books for their new baby's library collection. I found this cat in the hat jelly roll at Joann's and have yet to found another. I knew it would make a great Christmas gift! I started working on it in September, needed an early start… Continue reading Cat in the hat quilt


Sidelight Curtains

Years ago we bought some curtains just for a quick fix for our sidelight windows at the front door. And then life happened and we never got back around to them. My cats enjoy looking out those windows so anything that had to be held down at the bottom was not going to work. I… Continue reading Sidelight Curtains


Foyer Makeover

I took some time off from work to get some things done around the house which was good because it took forever for some of them. If you've read my previous post about my Hallway Refresh then you know how long I took to find the perfect paint color and flooring. Well I wanted to… Continue reading Foyer Makeover


Corner Shelf Using a Bi-fold Door

I have been needing more storage in my water closet in the master bathroom and I found a bi-fold door on clearance at Lowe's and decided to make a corner shelf out of it. I had planned on building one from scratch anyways but then I got this great idea that a bi-fold door would… Continue reading Corner Shelf Using a Bi-fold Door


Sunglasses pouch

I found an easy tutorial Here on how to make a sunglasses pouch. I was waiting on feedback for a current project from my bff and decided to make something fun and easy. It was not as fun as it sounds. It was easyish but more nerve racking than anything. Her "15 minute" project took… Continue reading Sunglasses pouch